Learn to Write

Note: Be indulgent, I begin to write my articles in the English(Shakespeare’s style), do not hesitate to contact me to be corrected

This article may help you to know the different steps which help you to write correctly a text.


1 – Goal and target audience

In the first time, you need to define your goal and the readers that you are targeting. Ask you the questions:

  • For who is this text.

  • What the reader must memorise of the text.

2 – Continous work

  • To write a text or an article, you should group and structure the information which helps

  • After you have all the pieces of information, organised them. You can do a Mind mapping or answer the questions (What, Who, When, Where, Why, How)

  • After the second step, keep the useful information to reach your goal: What the reader must memorise

3 – Structure of the text

  • When you have finished to collect all the data, establish a plan according to the goal of the text: Compliance, explain, inform,…

  • take back your information and group them according to the plan.

4 – First version

     For each text that you write, do the first draft. Read again this to do some precisions or corrections

5 – Editorial

Finalise your text with a meticulous reading to be clear and focused on the ideas you want to share

  • Do small sentences

  • Use a comprehensible vocabulary for the reader

  • Do one paragraph for each idea

  • Verify the spelling, conjugation, punctuation

6 – Presentation of the text

     After you have writing the text and after some reading, do the layout sober and clear to facilitate reading

7 – review and correction

     When you think that your text is finalised and write correctly, do a reading like a reader to verify if the think straight, the information correctly writing. And the last reading to verify all the mistakes.

     If your text has a particular importance don’t hesitate to do a reading by the other people.



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